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Baba, an Eastern European grandmother living in America, teaches her charming and funny son Damir how to cook. It quickly becomes obvious that Damir has never lifted a finger to cook - but why should he when Baba is a master chef? ​Be prepared to laugh as you learn to prepare fabulous recipes that you'll be eager to share with your own family. Baba's Slavic recipes are the ultimate in comfort food.

Season 5 is here...
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Chef Baba S5:E4 Burek with Spinach

A classic vegetarian dish is made by layering phyllo sheets with spinach and feta cheese.  You can make this in an hour and it is a perfect recipe for entertaining. Main ingredients include fresh spinach, phyllo (filo) dough, farmers cheese and eggs. Watch Now >

Chef Baba S5:E3 Koljivo (Serbian Wheat Pudding)

This very special dessert is served for special occassions and holidays. The ingredients are simple: wheat berries, ground walnuts, granulated sugar and vanilla sugar.

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Paprika Recipe

Chef Baba S5:E2 Paprika (Roasted Red Peppers)

Chef Baba shares her ancient recipe for Roasted Red Peppers with Garlic (Paprika). This simple recipe has been handed down for generations in Eastern Europe.  Watch Now >

Chef Baba S5:E1 Ajvar (Roasted Red Pepper Spread)

Chef Baba shares her special recipe for Ajvar. The red peppers are roasted in the oven, and the skins removed. The peppers are put through a grinder with a roasted eggplant, or chopped by hand. Spices are added to be as spicy as you like.  Watch Now >

Recent episodes of the Chef Baba Cooking Show ...
Chef Baba's Bean Recipes
Chef Baba's Bean Recipes

Chef Baba S4:E8 Ćevapčići

In this season 4 finale, Chef Baba teaches her son, grandson and great grandson to make her old-world Ćevapčići sausages. These are delicious hand-made sausages grilled and served on flat bread with diced onions. Baba makes her Ćevapčići the Serbian way with half ground beef and half ground pork.  Watch Now >

Chef Baba S4:E7 Pita sa Višnjama (Serbian Fruit Pie)

Baba shares her classic and simple Eastern European desert - Serbian Fruit Pie, or Pita sa višnjama. In this episode, Chef Baba makes one with fresh cherries, and another using mixed berries. You can make this recipe with many other fruits.  Watch Now >

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