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Baba, an Eastern European grandmother living in America, teaches her charming and funny son Damir how to cook. It quickly becomes obvious that Damir has never lifted a finger to cook - but why should he when Baba is a master chef? Damir's daughter is quick to "back-seat-drive" as he learns these "family secret" recipes. ​Be prepared to laugh as you learn to prepare fabulous  food that you'll be eager to share with your own family.

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Chef Baba S4:E2 Lepinjice

Chef Baba shares recipe for Lepinjice, a doughnut-like bread that can be enjoyed as a dessert, or with beans for a traditional Eastern European meal. This is part one of the Beans & Lepinjice meal (coming soon) Watch now >

Chef Baba S4:E1 Traditional Baklava with Pecans

Chef Baba shares her authentic, old world Baklava recipe. This Baklava is not too sweet and melts in your mouth.  Watch now >

Chef Baba's Chicken Chili Recipe
Chef Baba's Bean Recipes

Chef Baba S4:E4 Chicken Chili

Chef Baba teaches her grandson how to make her award-winning recipe for Chicken Chili. This is her very best chili recipe made with ground chicken. It is spicy and delicious. Watch Now >

Chef Baba S4:E3 Pasulj & Prebranac (Beans)

Part Two of the Beans and Lepinjice episode.  Learn to make Chef Baba's authentic old-world Eastern European recipes for beans: Pasulj (White Beans) and Prebranac (Serbian Baked Pinto Beans).  Watch Now >

Chef Baba's Bean Recipes
Chef Baba's Bean Recipes

Chef Baba S4:E7 Pita sa Višnjama (Serbian Fruit Pie)

Baba shares her classic and simple Eastern European desert - Serbian Fruit Pie, or Pita sa višnjama. In this episode, Chef Baba makes one with fresh cherries, and another using mixed berries. You can make this recipe with many other fruits.  Watch Now >

Chef Baba S4:E8 Ćevapčići

In this season 4 finale, Chef Baba teaches her son, grandson and great grandson to make her old-world Ćevapčići sausages. These are delicious hand-made sausages grilled and served on flat bread with diced onions. Baba makes her Ćevapčići the Serbian way with half ground beef and half ground pork.  Watch Now >

Lamb Chop Fried Potato Serbian Recipe
Pogaca Ancient Bread recipe

Chef Baba S4:E5 Pogača

In this episode Chef Baba teaches her son and grandsons to make Pogača, a hearty, old-world Eastern European bread. Made with simple ingredients..  Watch now >

Chef Baba S4:E6 Lamp Chop, Fried Potato and Green Salad Meal

Chef Baba shows how she prepares a wonderful traditional Eastern European dinner of Lamb Chops, Oven-Fried Potatoes and her delicious Green Salad.  Watch now >

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