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Baba, an Eastern European grandmotherr living in America, teaches her charming and funny son Damir how to cook. It quickly becomes obvious that Damir has never lifted a finger to cook - but why should he when Baba is a master chef? Damir's daughter is quick to "back-seat-drive" as he learns these "family secret" recipes. ​Be prepared to laugh as you learn to prepare fabulous  food that you'll be eager to share with your own family.

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Baba's Recipe for Serbian Keks Torta
Baba's Famous Chicken Salad Episode of Chef Baba

Chef Baba Ep 8: Keks Torta Dessert Recipe

Baba teaches her son how to make her favorite desert recipe. She makes her famour Keks Torta for every birthday and other holidays. It is make with delecate layers of Keks, which are butter cookies, and a rich chocolate sauce.

Chef Baba Ep 7: Baba's Chicken Salad Recipe

Baba teaches her son how to make a long-time family favorite.  Laugh along with Baba as she teaches her "cooking imbecile" son how to make his favorite chicken salad himself.

Baba's Recipe for Serbian thin homemade soup noodles

Chef Baba Ep 6: Homemade Noodles

Chef Baba teaches her son how to make his favorite noodles that go into Baba's Famous Chicken Noodle Soup. Ingredients: Eggs and flour (that is all).

Chef Baba Meat Crepe Recipe

Chef Baba Ep 3: Meat Crepes

Baba tells you how to make the thinnest, most delectable crepes (palacinke) ever.

Chef Baba Chocolate Walnut Torta

Chef Baba Ep 2: Chocolate Walnut Torta Baba's fabulous cake for special occasions.

homemade chicken soup recipe serbian cooking

Chef Baba Ep 5:  Baba's Famous Chicken Soup

Baba reveals the recipe she is most famous for making. This magical chicken soup is so special that her family demands she makes it at every holiday and many days in between.

Sugar Cookie with Apricot Preserves

Chef Baba Ep 4: Little Wheel Cookies

These delicate cookies with fruit preserves are Baba's family favorites for holidays or any day.

Gibanica Episode from Chef Baba

Chef Baba Ep 1: Gibanica

This is Baba's specialty. A delicious egg dish perfect for a meal, side dish or appetizer.

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