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Baba, an Eastern European grandmother living in America, teaches her charming and funny son Damir how to cook. It quickly becomes obvious that Damir has never lifted a finger to cook - but why should he when Baba is a master chef? Damir's daughter is quick to "back-seat-drive" as he learns these "family secret" recipes. ​Be prepared to laugh as you learn to prepare fabulous  food that you'll be eager to share with your own family.

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Chef Baba S3:E1 Sarma & Stuffed Bell Peppers

Baba teaches her son to make her famous Sarma (Stuffed Cabbage) and Stuffed Bell Peppers (Punjene Paprike). Both dishes are stuffed with the same savory ground meat (pork, beef or turkey). Watch now >

Chef Baba S3:E2 Kiflice sa Salom

Chef Baba teaches her son and grandson her Old World recipe for Kiflice sa Salom. These delicious crescent rolls are filled with apricot preserves. The dough is rolled and folded three different times and left to rise each time in order  to create delicate layers. Watch now >

Old world recipe Sarma Stuffed Bell Pepper
Kiflice Recipe Serbian Cuisine

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Chef Baba Reforma Torta Cake
Chef Baba Schnitzel Recipe

Chef Baba S3:E4 Reforma Torta

This is one of the best cakes in the world. This flourless cake is enveloped in a rich chocolate frosting. This is a very special cake that Baba made for one of her own birthday, and for one of her son's weddings. Watch now >

Chef Baba S3:E3 Schnitzel, Mashed Potato and Creamed Spinach Dinner

In this episode, Chef Baba teaches her son to make one of his favorite dinners from Old Yugoslavia - Pork Schnitzel, Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach. Baba's home cooking recipes have been handed down through generations in Serbia. Watch now>

Schnitzel with Peas, Cabbage

Chef Baba S3:E6 Baba's Color Salad

This is the recipe that Chef Baba created for herself to lose 68 pounds, eat healthy and gain energy. This salad is full of flavorful raw vegetables and uses Baba's special vinegarette. Watch now >

Chef Baba S3:E5 Schnitzel with Peas and Cabbage

Chef Baba shares her recipes for a traditional Serbian dinner of  Schnitzel, Steamed Red Cabbage and Peas.  This is the ultimated comfort food dinner from the Old Country. Watch now >

Schnitzel with Peas, Cabbage
Schnitzel with Peas, Cabbage

Chef Baba S3:E7 Vasina Torta

This is Chef Baba's most complicated torta recipe. The torta is made with almonds and orange zest, then layered with a chocolate orange pecan frosting. The entire torta is then smothered in a fluffy white frosting (Šaum) . This is an Eastern European recipe that is worth the effort. Watch now >

Chef Baba S3:E8 Česnica

Chef Baba shares her traditional recipe for Serbian Christmas Bread. The person who finds the coin in the bread wins. Watch now >

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